How is ISNI 2021 being developed?


The ISNI is being developed over the coming months to Spring 2021 and a major part of that is engagement with relevant stakeholders across NI, and beyond.

As in the past, the ISNI is underpinned by extensive research and evidence. Initial work has included reviews of best practice, capital budget forecasts and policy mapping. SIB is also undertaking a review of Departmental submissions and capital expenditure, an infrastructure audit, and analysis of finance, funding and delivery options.

A key element of the development of the ISNI is engagement with stakeholders across the statutory, private, and voluntary/third sectors, and with other relevant organisations such as the National Infrastructure Commission.

In the past SIB has held dialogue events and face to face meetings. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the development of this ISNI will include some engagement individually via Zoom, virtual workshops on relevant themes and an online call for evidence submitted during January and February 2021.

What happens next?

The ISNI will be drafted during Spring 2021. The final document will then be subject to a period of formal consultation and equality screening. Please check the website for details and updates.

For further information, contact the ISNI team


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